Join a secret society and learn more about making pop up cards, paper puppets and mechanical paper toys from Crankbunny, animator & paper artist Norma V. Toraya!

Crankbunny has evolved from using simple tools (such as paper, scissors, glue) to using laser cutters and 3D printed parts to create her fun paper goodies.  Scroll down to download the project from the booth, enter in your flyer code or look at supply / resource links!

Drop by the Secret Society of Paper Cuts Booth at Maker Faire Atlanta in Decatur, GA.
on October 4& 5th and make this neat Robot Paper Toy!


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Drop by the Secret Society of Paper Cuts Booth
Maker Faire Atlanta on October 4 & 5
and pick up a raffle flyer!
Enter the special code from the flyer below!
Winner will receive a $ 75.00 dollar gift certificate code
to use at
(valid until Oct 2015)

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A Crankbunny is tall tale of a magical type of fish that is half fish (duh) and half rabbit.
It is rare type of aquatic being that inhabits waters found only in a handful - well, lets just put it as a couple - locations in the world. If you happen upon this viable and potent fish - the best thing to do would be to remain still, refrain from direct eye contact, and maintain very low tones. This type of fish only responds to subtle movement, delicious odors, creative bursts of freedom, and copious amounts of slumbering sleep. Norma V. Toraya has been working under the Crankbunny name as an artist, animation director and paper artist since 1999. She identifies very strongly with this fictitious fish.


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The Secret Society of Paper Cuts / Crankbunny Online Store

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Software / Tools Used
Tinkercad (3d printing model online app)
inkscape (free download program for vector files)
Blender (free download program for 3D modeling)
Makerbot (3D printing, filament)
Full Spectrum Laser (laser cutters)

Online projects, project files, how-tos
Instructables (projects & how-tos)
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(anything you can dream of...)
Paper Wishes (craft supplies, brads, glue)
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Sam Flax - Atlanta (paper, glue, art supplies)
French Paper (paper)
(craft punches, paper, glue, craft supplies)
(3D printers, Filament, tools)
(craft punches, paper, glue, craft supplies)


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